Andy’s Frozen Custard to open seventh Springfield location

by Jack McGee, Reporter

Andy’s Frozen Custard, perhaps one of Springfield’s most recognizable staples, continues to build their ice cream empire in their hometown, even as their franchises spread nationally. 509 S. National Ave., formerly home to the National Art Shop, will boast the closest Andy’s to Springfield’s city center and largest college, Missouri State University. 

Neon sign at Andy’s corporate office and national headquarters in Springfield, MO.

Andy’s Frozen Custard CEO Andy Kuntz said that they’ve been looking for opportunities to open a location in the National Avenue corridor for a long time now, and once the former National Art Shop went up for sale, they knew it would be a perfect fit.

Andy’s Frozen Custard location at 2119 N. Glenstone Ave in Springfield, MO.

“We’re very blessed in Springfield and we’ve been very fortunate,” Kuntz said. “We’re excited to be close to campus and MSU students.”

While they don’t have an exact date on when their new location will be completed and open for business due to construction woes, they’re estimating July or August, according to Kuntz.

Additional delays could include Andy’s Frozen Custard collaboration with the city government to incorporate elements of the previous business. The National Art Shop was a beloved independent art store that concluded 50 years of business on that corner of National and Elm in 2021. Kuntz said he understands the nostalgia locals feel towards the art shop and has a lot of respect for what they did. 

The demolition of the National Art Shop concludes before construction can begin.

Tad Moning, a student at MSU, is looking forward to the addition of Andy’s Frozen Custard among the businesses within walking distance to campus.

“Having an Andy’s so close to campus would allow my friends and I much more choices to choose from as well as better quality,” Moning said, comparing Andy’s to other frozen desserts accessible near college students.

Despite their expansion and operations in 14 states, Andy’s Frozen Custard continues to stay rooted in Springfield, Missouri. 

“I really feel like this store is the one store that will connect us more so than any other store to the heart of Springfield,” Kuntz said.

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